Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exciting News!

God did a really cool miracle here with two of my good friends! A couple friend of mine from Macedonia, Victor and Pina, wanted to have kids. Pina was told by the doctors that there was something wrong. Well they didn’t give up. We continued to pray with them. When I came the second year to Macedonia our friend Jacob gave them a word from the Lord that they would have a child. So they fought through all this time. It was cool to be able to stand and pray with them about it. God definitely moved and now they are pregnant! It is just soooo cool! She put up on facebook 1Sam 1:11-17. It is encouraging too, because it just reminds us not to give up when God speaks to us about something. To keep our eyes on Him, and believe! This really made my week, I hope it makes yours.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Week Filled with Awesomeness

Well this week has definitely been packed with awesomeness! Kim Bonner and Ben Bradford have joined the crew from Dwelling Place over here! They are here in Greece. They got here last Sunday. It is so good and exciting to have them here! We went to Skopje this week and hung out with Danielle, John, and Bethany. It was really cool. It was a good time of just spending time together. God did cool things too. One day we were going to Velles with Bethany, this lady started prophesying over all of us. She was like you guys are a group of people who love each other. You are going to fly. You are going to have your own plane and fly. It was really cool. She was an older lady too; it was just really unusual to meet a Macedonian older lady who would prophesy. We were like maybe she was an angle. We were going to leave the next day, but I forgot my phone at the house. It was cool because that night we came back, and ate together and just prayed over each other and worshiped. It was really cool.
We got back to Greece last night in time for a worship outreach thing we did at Kamara. There were a lot of people out, and we just started worshiping at the Arch there. Then we walked down the street and prayed in an area where there are a lot of drug users. Femi really felt like this is a place to take back. It was really cool to hear, because Amy and I had discussed this before.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Seeing Friends

Last week I went to Serbia to visit Danielle. It was really a good trip. I first rode up with Zoran and Rebeckah to Skopje. It was really cool to talk to them! They are just so encouraging! It was cool to because at the boarder a lady asked for a ride to her home, and Zoran spoke to her about the Lord. It was really cool. It also helps you realize to keep your eyes open; you never know what is going to happen. What God is doing! After we dropped the lady off at her home, we went and met the new missionaries to Strumica. They are going to be helping Vena there. They are so sweet! It was funny, because they had a package of twirlers on their table when we went in. I saw them, and was like can I please have some? By the time we left I had like five of them. They are going to great. The guy was so excited to be there. It was cool he read a verse in Habakkuk 1:5 Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days you would not believe if you were told. When I heard it my spirit just got so excited. I had that word spoken over me a long time ago by a dear old friend. When he read, I just felt like now is the time and for here! I had actually forgotten about that word too.
After that we took a few other people back to Skopje with us. It was a good car ride. Zoran dropped me off at Bethany’s house. It was cool I got to see Anna and Phil before they left that night to go back to England. The next day Bethany and I “had coffee” aka talked for like two hours. It was so much fun. I was having a hard time thinking I wasn’t hearing from God, and when we were talking all this stuff that God had been talking to be about came out. It was cool. I spent the next day with a good friend. I then hung out with Kiko, Marina, Marajan, and Igor at Kiko’s house having good conversations.
The next day I left with Emilja and Kiko to Serbia on the bus. The bus ride was so funny. We were the loudest people in the bus the bus driver told Kiko. We were just all having a good time chatting, and having fun.
That night Mihalea got us to the bus to get us to Danielle. When we got off the bus station, John and Danielle were there. It was cool to see them! Emilja stayed with me and Danielle. She really likes Belgrade. I can totally see her there, living there. She loves it ohhhhh sooooooo much!
The next day we just spent time with Danielle. We prayed with Emilija she just loves praying! Emilija then went to her cousins. That night we met up with Mia, and had some fun drinking coffee and talking! It was soooo cool something she said. She said (something like this) “When church culture is different than the culture around it, then you are making a difference, and people will be attracted to it.” I thought that is so profound. People want different! It was just fun spending time with her and Danielle.
The next day Danielle and I went to John’s, and he made us an excellent breakfast. He did such a good job! Both of them are doing awesome there! Then we just spent time hanging out with people. It was fun! We had some awesome hot chocolate! Then Sunday we went to church. It was soooo good to see everyone. Worship was off the chain (I guess it is ok to still say that). Then we went on our way home.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Taking a Different Road

So yesterday I was walking to our house after running to the store. Usually I always walk the same road, but this time for some reason I went up a road early. So I’m walking minding my own business. The next thing I know this older lady (someone's "Yaya") about I would 70 maybe 75 is saying “Ella Ella.” She looked stuck. It took me a second to realize she was asking me to come to her. So I went to her and she was stuck between her gate and stepping on to a step. She was asking me to help her. I had no I idea. Then I realized oh she needs help. So I pull her, and she shuts her gate. Then she gets out to the road. Then she wanted me to straighten out her jacket. So I did that. Then she started to talk to me, I felt kind of bad because I had no idea what she is saying. So I just start saying “I only know a little bit of Greek.” So she was just like thank you very much! So I told her “you are welcome.” Two things! You never know what is going to happen when you try something new. Also, I need to work on learning Greek.

Monday, October 11, 2010


We started to go to campus to go and just pray there. We went last week, and we met these really sweet girls. It was totally a God thing. Amy was like we should go in that building. We went in and then she ran somewhere. And I stayed. I started to sing/ pray. And it was really cool these girls I noticed earlier came up to me and was like “where are you from?” They were so sweet. We talked for a while, and we said we would hangout again. They asked about church, when we talked about it. And on Sunday one of them came. It was totally a God appointment! It was really cool! I am excited to see what God will do in their lives this year!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Beginnings in Greece

Hey everyone! I know it has been a little while! I just wanted to let you know what the Lord has been doing. I am really excited! Summer was really good! So I moved to Thessaloniki about three weeks ago. Everything happened so fast. We looked for an apartment and found one the next day. It is amazing! I can’t wait for people to come and visit it. I have really enjoyed the church here! They really are like a family! Everyone is just so sweet and so helpful!
Last week Tommie and Tannie and I went to Thasos to visit a couple we had met at the Balkan Connect Conference. It was really cool getting to know them more. I really enjoyed spending time with them and the pastor they are working with there. And they had a cat that was just so cute. It was a kitten still and it played 24/7. It was just cool to see what God is doing there with them! They are both such visionaries! They look at buildings and see what they can do with it! It was exciting seeing them casts their visions for that place! It was really inspiring.
Danielle and Amy came last week. It was just good spending time with them! We went to Bogdanci the other night where Glasnost was having an outreach. It was really good to see everyone. Danielle and I got to spend some good time with Bethany (AKA Betty)! We went to Skopje to take Danielle back, and spent some time with some friends. We sent her off and ran by to see Bilijana at her new office.
I am really excited to see what God is going to do this year! We are starting to pray daily together here. Now Amy and Tommie are in Scotland for the 24/7 Prayer Conference. Monday when we prayed it was cool! Just felt like God is doing something here with community. It is cool just getting to know people here, and just meeting new people here. God is bringing people here from all different places! It is really cool! I’m excited!
God has really been showing me a lot about the woman washing Jesus’ feet with her hair. Like the fact that Jesus could have stopped the people putting her down at any moment, but He didn’t. And the fact that she was not sure what to do, but she chose the right thing over everyone else in the room. It is really neat to think about.
Thanks you guys for all your support and love!

Friday, August 20, 2010

You Never know What you Might be Able to be Apart of!

I guess last week was not my last time in Shutka for a while! Bethany and I were worried that we would be bored this week, because we would not be going to the soup kitchen. It turned out that the preschool workers needed help painting the new location of the preschool. We were so excited to help! We went and painted there on Monday and Tuesday. I was posted on painting them door frames red first. When I finished, I looked like I had slaughtered a pig. It was so much fun! I had to run home to get ready to meet someone later.
I came back on Tuesday. We sanded and painted the iron door first. I found out one of the worker likes Sci-Fi movies. She actually knew what Serenity was. The inner geek within me got really excited! The rest of the day Dijana and I worked on the entrance doors. The men worked really hard on doing the construction parts. The other ladies worked on cleaning the large windows and other things. Dijana and I had these different color plastics that peeled off. We cut them off into different shapes and placed them on the glass doors. I am sooooo not the creative person, but I tried really hard. It really ended up looking really good. It was a lot of fun too! Bethany and I had a good time helping, and getting to know the preschool workers more. They are a bunch of hard working people! I really hope the kids will enjoy their new location when they start their new year. The works put a lot of work into making it really nice for the kids.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Going out with a Slide Instead of a Bang

My last day helping the kitchen in Shutka for a while was a good and funny one. I played with the kids for a while. We played hand games like Ms. Mary Mack. One girl I twirled around a lot. She kept on asking me to do it again, again. It was neat. One girl was sitting with her brother and she came over and sat next to me. I usually would help her pull her sandwich apart so she could eat it. She would be so funny because it was always too big for her to hold and eat. So I would try to help her, and then she would be say no. Then she would always not be able to pull it. So then she would want me to help her. It was always funny sitting by her. I will really miss seeing these kids every week. They really are great kids! I pray that God will move in all their lives and direct there steps. I pray that they would all have a personal relationship with Jesus.
I went out with a slide instead of a bang. Sable asked if I wanted to eat with them (he and his wife). I stayed and ate with them. While we were eating, Sable got out some yogurt. The yogurt exploded all over the floor when he opened it. He was like I will just clean it up later, after we finish eating. I finished eating, and I stood up. He went I guess to go get the mop. I completely forgot it had happened and slid on the floor like sliding on a banana peel. Then somehow I landed in a split! Sable’s wife came running to help. I started laughing! What can I say it was funny! Then Sable came back to mop it up. He started laughing as well! I really will miss see them every week! I really enjoyed the kids and the people working there! I am very excited that the Pre-school and the church are now all in one building! I love to see God’s children all working together toward the same goals! Unity is a cool thing! I pray that God will bring more works to help there!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Last Few Weeks

So much has happened in the past few weeks. We spent the last weeks of July in Ohrid which is located southwest of the capitol Skopje where we live. There were about twenty to twenty-five people there throughout the two weeks. People would stop by from all over Macedonia. Everyone seemed to get along most of the time. In the mornings there was a time for pray and worship with each other. In the afternoons a crew of people would make lunch. After lunch we would go to the beach.
It was really neat because Billur came. She is a college student living in Istanbul, Turkey. Bethany and Goce met her on a train they were coming back on from Velles. She is really awesome and open. One day she asked what I was doing. I was going to go out to read my Bible and write in my journal. I told her that, and I said I went to go and hear what God is saying to me. To hear him either in the Bible or whatever He is telling me, and I will write it down. She was like ok. Her birthday was a day after Bethany’s. We went out for drinks near Kalea. When we came back we had snacks and stuff with everyone. We also had lots of music. She said that the last day was the best day she ever had in a long time. She said she really felt accepted! She also said that she will definitely come back. It was really an awesome experience of getting to know her.
It was also neat because Nina came with us. We also got to spent time with her sister and her boyfriend. They are really amazing! We even had some fun and went on a boat with them and a few others of our friends. It was so much fun! You will have to check out the pictures on facebook. It was really neat because Nina knew Boshco from Gevgelija . She spent her first two weeks there. She and Bethany took the invited him to come. It was really exciting because when he found out he was coming he got so excited! He really had a good time.
The day that I was on the kitchen crew I helped with Marjan, Vicky, and Angelina (Vicky’s mom). It was a privileged working with them. They all three are very special to me. Angelina and Vicky are from Bulgaria. They were so precious. Angelina was like a little kid just soooooo excited to be there. She is so sweet. She climbed out the window while we were cooking. I thinking what is she doing. Then she came back with apples for all of us. She was just such a servant. Like in Mark whoever wants to be first must be slave of all" Mark 10:44. She would just come every day to give me a hug. Sometimes I would go to give her a hug, and she would get so excited again! They were both new Christians. Vicky became a Christian after she met Marjan who is dating now. Then Angelina became a Christian.
We spent a day fasting while we were there for certain things. It was really a cool experience. I had a chance to pray with Vicky and her mom. It was so cool! They are soooooo on fire for God! They love to pray! At the end they were like come to Bulgaria! Come and see us! Angelina really wants me to come. I think I will definitely pray about it and try. They were awesome women of God! I was privilege to get to know them! I still can’t believe sometimes the people I get to meet and know. I feel so honored to meet God’s kids throughout the Balkans.
It was really good just getting to know people better that we have known all throughout the year. Alpin even stepped as an older brother to a guy who trying to be too friendly with the girls. It was cool example of Jesus and protection through authority. Dijana was just a jewel. She doesn’t have any kids (except for the ones at the preschool in Shutka), but she has such a huge mother’s heart! She spent most of the time cleaning and making sure that people felt welcomed. I feel like I can really learn so much from her and everyone there!
Of course it was fun spending time with people on the lake as well. There were some awesome conversations I had on the lake or the way to the lake. It was really an amazing time! It was really cool God was showing me like in Johnathan David Helser's song the He is an "Endless Ocean, and bottom less sea."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

For the Lord your God is He who Fights for you

Today was a wild day in Shutka. I started out on the bus, and Tony came on the same bus about six stops later. So we got to Shutka, and he said he had to get off to buy some things. I walked to the kitchen, and everything seemed peaceful. I saw some girls that usually come, and they showed me there little brother who was six months old. He really was adorable. I walked to the church. Then I said hello to Sabel and the boys helping him, and we got to working. We put the sandwiches all together. Right when we finished, they let the children in at the gate. I walked outside and plaid hand games with them. They are teaching me three that they like. I taught them two from the states that I like. We were all having a good time, and we all went inside.
Everyone sat down at their tables, and started talking to one another. Meanwhile, Chris, Tony, and Sabel went around the room greeting the kids, and keeping the ones straight that needed it. I sat at a table with a group of kids I had never seen before. I asked them all their names and how old they were. While they were telling me how old they were Chris ran out the door. Sable followed quickly. Sable shut the door and held it. After a little while, he ran to help Chris. I was yelling “Sit down” in Macedonian. No one was listening. Tony then runs out the door after about five minutes. When he left, all the kids ran out the door. It was crazy. I then went to the window to see what was going on, and I could not tell. All I saw was Chris and Sable trying to separate people in a fight.
The fighting stopped and after a while Chris came back inside. They started singing and we prayed. I asked what had happened. He said that a kid’s dad came to beat him up for coming. I think that this really is an eye opening experience. I don’t know if I have ever seen persecution in my life up until this point in the form of physical violence. It is really amazing to see the guys step in like God would when someone is hurting his child. Like in Joshua 23:10 “One of your men put to flight a thousand, for the Lord your God is He who fights for you, just as He promised you.” They went in to protect the kid, and God does that for us if someone or something comes again us. Please pray for these kids and their families.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Good Weekend with Friends

This weekend we went to go visit friends in Gevegijal. It was so much fun just spending time with them and just seeing what God is doing there. We went to Dojram a lady near Greece. It was really good just spending time with Pina and Victor. At the lake, people were putting mud all over themselves because it has minerals in it. People would walk by all covered in Black. It was really unusually, but I guess it was like a mud bath. The next day Victor’s little brother came. Then we went to a park and brought their dog along. She loves playing with water bolts. She demolished like five of them. After a while we prayed and listen to some worship music. It was really cool, because there were only five of us there. I could just feel the presence of God there. It was really a good time of just encouraging them.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Change for Change Fundraiser

Fund Raiser/ Change for Change
Hey guys! I am starting to raise funds for the next year in Greece, and this one is really easy. It is really for all of you who feel like you do not have anything to give. Just like the widows might, your offerings count! The Lord is happy with everything you give when you give with a cheerful hear. Pray about it and see if you are suppose to participate.
Here it is. Just take an old jar or a chip can, and cut a whole out of it. Mine is actually a Nutela jar Then just put any leftover change you have in it. You can write on it Change for Change! You may ask “What will it be changing?” It will be changing hearts of people in the Balkans by helping supporting me in what God is doing here. The other step in it is to pray for the Balkans each time you place change in it. So it is not only giving that you will be doing, but you will be praying for the people here. When it is full, then you can contact me on how to receive it at
If you would like to participate just e-mail and let me know.
Thanks so much for all your prayers and support here! It really makes a difference here! God is doing so many exciting things here! I can’t wait to see what He is going to be doing in Greece!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Shutka Today

Today we went to the soup kitchen to find that they had no lights and no water. We went and wrapped the bread rolls in napkins, and then served the kids. We met some new kids today, and they were just way too cute. They would give you a hug, and just not let go. I tried to play hand games with them, but they would just hug me and not let go after. It is cool to see what God is doing. It is really neat just to let them know that they are loved… even if it is only for an hour during the day.
Just after the kids had left the lights and water had come back on. We had to run, because it was about to rain. Faithful Sable and his son stayed to finish the job. It was an experience. Please be praying, because they are behind on their bills is why they were turned off. Please pray for money for the bills.
Now we are waiting for our landlord to come. We waited all day one Sat. He said he could not make it then, because he was watching football. Now we are waiting to meet him again…. Maybe we will see him. The mysterious landlord...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad!

My Dad (so I stole this idea from Bethany, but she said it was ok to use) is awesome! He is such a blessing. In the past five years, he has grown so much. I was just thinking the other day that I loved the beach so much. When my brother and I were kids our dad would take us there in the summer. We would spend the whole day body surfing, playing volleyball, boggy boarding and building sandcastles. We would have so much fun that we would forget to put sunscreen on. My brother and I would come home and look like red crabs. I would not care, because I had so much fun with my dad!
When I think of my Dad, I think of someone who is a hard worker. Everything he does he just does it to his best whether it was helping me with a history project or his business. One time I came home and cried because I had to make the “Light House of Alexandria.” I had no idea how to make it! So my dad asked me what I was crying about and I told him. We went out to his workshop and made a light house. It was so much fun! I took it in to class, and was so proud of what we had done together. My brother’s and I’s education was very important to him. He always wanted us to go to college, and I went away only because he and my mom supported me so much in it.
My Dad is also very daring. Once we were in Cades Cove, and we went to see a cabin. On the way back to the car, he told us to be quiet and walk quietly. He said, “I think there is a bear over there.” So he asked my mom and grandma to get my brother and me back to the car. The next thing we know he is running with a camera is his hand back to the car for his life. He told us he just wanted to take some up close shots of the bear. 
There were times were he protected me, and I was like “Oooooooooooooh Dad!” In all that, I did learn that he loved me! I really am blessed to have him in my life! He really has grown so much in the Lord in `the past five years! He is such a good example of a dad. There are many things that he does that resemble my heavenly Father. He protects me when I need to be protected, helps me when I don’t know what to do, he just wants the best for his kids and just likes having a good time!
Happy Father’s Day Daddy-O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#1 Daughter

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ohrid 24/7 Conference

This weekend we went to Ohrid to attend the 24/7 Balkan Connect Conference. The place was beautiful. It was really cool to meet people all over the Balkans doing the same thing you’re doing, but in a different ways. It was really cool the last night we prayed for the countries individually. You could really feel the power of God in the room. It was just awesome. There was also a lot of down time where we could hang out with people which was nice.
One night I went and hung out with this crew from Bosnia. Then, I went to find Jessie and Amy. Well, I didn’t know where they were. I would ask people, and they would say it is too hard to explain or you won’t find it. So I went looking. I just started walking, and followed the water where one person had said. Then I just prayed God lead me to them. I found them; they said “What in the world how did you find us.” I was told them I just prayed and followed the water.

Monday, June 7, 2010


This weekend we went to Sevity Nichola. So I got to the bus station looking around for people and I run into a guy literally. I could not see him coming into a door I was going out of and I screamed. It was kind of funny. So I laughed and walked away.
So basically I had no idea (other than we were having a soccer tournament for the people there, and that they want to start a church there) what was going on most of the day, but I was really trying to see what God was doing. But it was really cool, because I saw this lady that I noticed (well she was the only one there it was mostly guys). But still god highlighted her to me. I asked Milka to talk to her with me. So we talked to her for a while, and she said she was a part of a church there but it was too small and they for some reason are not there anymore. She really wants to go to church. She said when she was younger she would lie to her parents about where she was going, and would go to church. I think her parents were Orthodox.
Her husband was playing in the tournament. Some of our friends who were with us knew him from when they were younger. When I talked to her, she said I could just tell that you love Jesus it is written all over you. It was really cool, because I was like sitting most of the time “like what in the world am I doing here.” Then I shared with her what I thought God was telling her. Then she wanted to go to coffee.
I went with her and her husband, and their daughter. I was sitting there thinking gosh God I don’t know really how to communicate with them; I don’t really know what to do… But I was sitting there with them and this guy who I promise looked like Jesus came in the place to get ice cream and left. I just felt like God was there. Like it wasn’t that I was doing anything or saying something. But having coffee with these people and Jesus was so in it. Well she got connected with Milka and hopefully they will keep in touch. Trusting God and hearing what He is saying and doing it is awesome.You never know what the results are going to be until we step out and try.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

1 Cor 12

1 Cor 12:22-26
On the contrary, it is much truer that the members of the body which seem to be weaker are necessary; and those members of the body which we deem less honorable, on these we bestow more abundant honor, and our less presentable members become much more presentable, whereas our more presentable members have no need of it. But God has so composed the body, giving more abundant honor to that member which lacked, so that there may be no division in the body, but that the members may have the same care for one another. And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; if one member is honored, all the members rejoice with it. Now you are Christ's body, and individually members of it.

It is so cool I was reading this verse this morning and God convicted me about something and just showed me His heart about myself in other part of it. Like I felt like I was suppose to read it, and I did. And I felt like on one hand I have totally judged people who need a little more help then others in the body. And, God was just like "uh Jenn those people are needed to bring about my will." Like when you feel like you have talked to someone about the same thing a bunch of times, and you are like don't you get it, but in reality I need that person in my life, and most imporantly in the body of Christ.
On one hand I feel like sometimes I am that person and everyone else is like come on, but in reality God is like "You are necessarry." Like I feel like I'm not really doing anything sometimes, but God is like "What you are doing is necessary!" Even if it is just telling a friend an encouraging word, or just being willing to be there for a friend when they are going through something rough, and just standing in the gab and praying for them.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I know it has been a while. I have been sick. But we do have a team here from VA. They are doing sooooooo well! I am very proud of them. Yesterday we went to Gevegelia to see the leadership team down there. The team did a good job of encouraging the leadership team down there. We met some college students there that were friends with the pastor. We got some good connections that Bethany, and I will have to follow up on. One girl goes to Greece for shopping, and here best friend lives there, and goes to college there. When I told her I was moving there, I told her whenever she goes I would love to hangout. It was really cool! I'm excited to see whatever the Lord is going to do.
That also brings up something, in September I am moving to Greece to help down there. I don't know how long now. I am going to help out Amy and Tommie. If you would like more details please e-mail me. If you would like to support this adventure just e-mail and I can give you more details! Thanks so much for all your prayer and support it really makes such a difference here in the Balkans.

I have been going over the verses in Jeremiah 29:12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me and I will listen to you. Just that the Lord blew me away again in that He wants to know what is on my heart. That whole relationship and communication, He wants it soooooo bad with us. Like He knows what is going on, but He just wants to hear it from us.

Vs. 13
You will seek Me and find me when you search for me with all your heart.

Just that song from Rick Pinno I love I will search all Through the night, and when I find Him I will not let Him go, is totally what brought me back to this verses. I just am praying for more of that is all my life!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Today we went to Shutka and the kids from the kitchen that closed down met us when we got off the bus. They were like “Hey where are you going.” We told them the church, and they held our hands and walked with us. They took us a back way to the church. There were a lot of kids at the church! It was crazy today you could just feel the spiritual warfare in the atmosphere. I think they are getting ready for one of their holidays there, because they had sheep and cows at people’s homes. Usually they slaughter them for their muslim holidays. I prayed in my prayer language, and just prayed on the bus on the way back. I was just praying Jesus, Jesus , Jesus! He is soooooo much Bigger and Better than any god they are trying to worship. Greater is He that is in Me then he that is in the world! 1John 4:4

Monday, May 3, 2010


The Virginia team came through this weekend. They were supposed to go to Croatia, but it did not work out. It was really good that they came! I really enjoyed them being here! It was very much a breath of fresh air after I worked though some stuff that was going on in my own heart. It makes me really grateful for the relationships I have with them. It is a blessing to have people in my life that will not leave me where I am at, but help me through whatever is going on in my life. I was really dealing with comparison and just what other people think about me. It was really cool to see them connect with the people here, and just move in their lives! It was a good time.
Yesterday was really cool, because I went out to coffee with a group of people and God just told me to pray for one of the ladies there. I felt like God was just doing something with her. I did even though I didn’t know what was going on for the past hour and a half, other than a few words here and there. I stepped out and talked to her, and it was really cool! God was just showing me to trust Him, and not what I can rely on what I can do myself, but what I am doing with Him. Than last night the kids came over, and we watched a movie. It was fun!
Please pray for my grandma she is having some problem physically. Please pray that God will lead her to a good doctor that will take care of her. Also, pray peace over her. Also, she is in a lot of pain. I am just praying healing over her!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today was a very fun day. I went to Shutka and Goce, Bethany, and Elisabeth all came. We separated between the two kitchens. It was cool because I got to play some soccer. It was fun. I’m a pretty good goalie when the kids are like thirteen and under. Also, there is an advantage of the guys didn’t want to hit me to hard with the ball. I think they were taking it easy on me. There were like seventy – seventy –five kids there. They just kept on coming. It was awesome. Thank God there was enough food for all of them.
I wasn’t really sure how Elisabeth was going to be getting back, and I waited for like an hour after the kids had left. So I was like I guess I will go home. Maybe she just went home. I called Bethany, and she did not answer the phone. I helped walk the cute like pre-schools back to their school, because they were playing in the yard at the soup kitchen. They are sooooo cute! They yelled”Macedonia! Macedonia! Macedonia” for a while. So then I go home hoping she made it there, and she was not there. I went to Maria’s and was like can you call Tony to see where Elizabeth is. He had no idea. So Then I called Brain, and was like do you have Chris’s number. He gave it to me. And then I called Chris and he said he put her on a bus fifteen minutes ago. I was like oh Thank God! I was a little freaked out. She was completely fine when she came home; I was totally more freaked out then her. She like now we can “you left me there.” I was so thankful she was ok. It was funny yesterday we walked by some venders and they started singing “lalalalalalaala Kiss the Girl” from the Little Mermaid.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Who Knew a Since of Fashion Could Help Someone

We had a friend come from Serbia this weekend. Yesterday we took everyone to Matka. On our way to leave there was a lady who had Vera Bradley on. Well I was thinking in my head Oh Americans. Then I said out loud “Oh Vera Bradley.” Well the lady was like do you know where the Queen Hotel is. I said no, but someone else might. So no one knew. So we called our roommate. She didn’t know. We then told them about the youth hostel. Then our Macedonian friend got them in a cab to take them there. Who knew having a since of fashion could save someone’s day.
We went to Velles, the day before, to visit friends. We went to climb on the Mountain with them near their house. Well then we were being followed by a group of kids. They finally came up to say hello. Well I tried to talk to them, and they were like where are you going? And I told them up there. Then they followed us to the mountains. It was funny. They all want to talk to us, and touch us. Bojan told them about the kids church there on Saturday.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vote for Shea

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Things

Today we took a trip to Kale and checked out the castle. We took lots of pictures. It was fun! Tonight I started a cell group from church and Elisabeth came also. There were three women who are going to be coming. One is a new Christian, and she is really hungry for God. She is actually going to be going to America this summer for a work exchange program. She keeps asking what is different between America and Macedonia. We told her that America is faster pace. Also, cars will not come on to a sidewalk. They will stay on the streets. I am so excited, and cannot wait to see what God is going to be doing in this group. We prayed together, and shared about how we all came to know Christ. The girl who was a new Christian was like you all have known God so long. She was like I have done lots of stuff in my past, and now I’m a Christian. She has such a sweet spirit about her. She is a true jewel. I think of that verse in Luke 7:47 “For this reason I say to you, her sins, which are many, have been forgiven, for she loved much; but he who is forgiven little, loves little." You can really see the love she has for the Lord because she was forgiven much!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Today was a very interesting day. We went to Shutka this morning. On major difference was that the police closed most of the Shops there this week because they were open illegally. So there was a riot there last week. We walked by a sign today in Shutka that said that Macedonia was trying to improve the look of the place. So I guess shutting down the bazaar was a part of that. When we walked up to the soup kitchen the kids picked up rocks and said happy birthday. They started throwing rocks, at us and at the building across the street at a building. So we told them to stopped, and showed them to stop. Then I talked to the one who knows English, and told him the following. I asked him if he would like it if I throw rocks at his house, and he said no. Then I said stop throwing them at other people. Two things out of all of this. One is that these kids can be so easily influenced. We just need to pray that they will be influenced to do the things of God. Two is that a part of God is discipline. There are many times in the Bible where God disciplines His children. Well I’m learning that a big part of being over others is discipline and correction. I never really liked doing it before. But being in the internship I learned that this is a good thing. It is a part of people’s growth in being a Son or Daughter of God. Tomorrow I will start a new cell group meeting at a coffee shop. I’m excited! We will see what God is going to do with this.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Zoo

Today we went to the zoo in Skopje and hungout with a bunch of cool people for our friend Sara's birthday. It was really fun getting to know more of the missionaries here. It is really cool to see what God is doing in different people's lives here. We played invisable baseball, football, and volleyball as well as seeing hippos, Cheetas, and wolfs. It was awesome hangout with people.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Back in Action

We are official. We have our paperwork worked out praise God! Apparently just in time, because they are passing a new law of how to do missionary money. They want to tax it next time. There will be no more volunteers for the churches in Macedonia after this visa. They will only allow church workers.
Today we went to Shutka. This was Elizabeth’s first time in Shutka. The kids were super excited to see us. They all asked where we were. We told them we had to go America for paperwork. They were all excited that we were back. One kid I promise grew like three inches since we had been gone. He is almost as tall as me. There were about thirty kids today. They all were eating the soup today! One kid had three bowls of soup. He is so hungry!
It really is neat because one more of the eight children in Bram’s family is coming to Shutka. He is so sweet and loving. He is not closed off at all. He just has a huge smile on his face all the time! I know this is the effect that the soup kitchen has had on this family. They said when some of the other children in his family started coming they were very closed off and they would not be hugged! I can testify today that when we were walking down the street they came and gave us a hug! God moves in many different ways. Even in hugs!
Tony played ping pong with them after most everything was put away and cleaned. They loved playing ping pong. I gave it a shot, however I was not up to par. I am going to have to work on my ping pong skills. Hahaha!
God Bless! Thanks for all your prayers and support! They are truly changing lives/destinies here in Macedonia!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So Elisabeth is here from camp. It is really good to have here her. Her and Bethany have conected really well! Appartently there are homeschool bonds when you homeschool. I'm so glad they are getting along! Yesterday we went to the River near our house. Bethany told us where it was, and we went to find it.It was cool, because God was telling me in this whole adventure that there were still treasures here that I still don't know about or have not seen yet. To just keep looking for those special treasures.
Today, we are going to the police station to do the last step for our paperwork. Also, I am going to do Macdonian lessons. Then going to Velles to hangout with a friend. Then we will do the women's Bible study:) Pray for favor with all of this. Thanks!


Please pray for Daki who has brain cancer. The doctors did another surgery on her this past weekend when we got back. The report from it was that they could not get all of it out again. Also, more had grown in her head. Please pray for their family. She has a husband and a really small son. Please pray that God will give them peace while they are going through all of this!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Bethany and I made it back to Macedonia. We made it through the two flights to get here. We met the sweetest older lady who had traveled many places and was on her way to Germany. We talked to her and found out we were taking the same plane to Paris. She stuck with us like glue, until we got on the plane. We swapped traveling stories, and really enjoyed listening to her talk. She was very wise.
After, we got to the Paris airport I went to the bathroom, and lade my boarding pass down. I totally forgot about it, because of lack of sleep. Well, I ran back when I realized, and it was still there. Praise God. We went on to Bulgaria. I was out the whole flight, until the stewardess woke me up to ask ham or cheese. I was so out of it I just grabbed the one and placed it next to me and went back to sleep. When we arrived in Bulgaria, two men picked us up thanks to Sashe. We did not get the message that we were not going to have the taxi drivers as before. So they picked us up, and we could not figure out who they were. We asked to call Sashe to meet us at the Macedonian Border. They were like oh we are going to take you the whole way. Then, I freaked out on the inside, and was thinking I do not have enough Euros for that. Then I felt Lord saying to me that He was going to take care of it. Well, I was like ok God. So went on and they wanted to get lunch. We were thinking that it was weird that our taxi drivers wanted to get us lunch. So eventually it came out that they were with our church in Skopje. They are the venders for Viva Tap in the Balkans. All we had was Euros. So they bought us lunch, and would not let us give them money for gas. It was such a blessing! They were really nice! The Lord really took care of it!
It was funny also because he was a really fast driver, but I was like Sashe trust him, therefore I trust him. Because, I knew Sashe would only send people who would take good care of us. Plus, the Lord said He would take care of everything. So I figured that meant everything!
Please pray tomorrow I'm going to get Elisabeth in Greece. Pray for favor at the border! That will be the train part :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Heading Back

Wednesday Bethany and I will be heading back to Macedonia. We have all the paperwork we need to stay for a year. I am very excited! God has done some really cool things here in the states! Please be praying for us as we travel back to Macedonia. We have a lot to jump back into. We are excited!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Faith Adventure

Thank you so much for all your prayers! They really made a different! I don’t think we knew what we were getting into, however God did! We left Skopje at ten at night. Sashe and Maria took us in their car. Sashe said that his car was not really prepared for snow, but they could not find another car or someone else to take us. He had summer tires on his car which would not be good for snow (it was not suppose to be snowing). Well, we started going and we went through a toll booth, and a lady gave us too much money back, because Sashe was talking to her and encouraging her. So we went back and gave her back the money. We started going down the road and after an hour into our trip we see lights flashing. At that moment, we hit ice and start to lose control. Well, then I just start praying “In the name of Jesus, protect us God! I pray that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.” Well, we stop right before the car, and Sashe said “Amen.” There was a wreck that had happened because of the ice and snow on the roads. Well we wait like an hour and a half we wait for them to clear the wreck. Behind us waiting in line was a snowplow man. We called the taxi who was going to pick us up at the border, could not come and meet us near the wreck because he didn’t have a green card for the taxi. So, we went on after the wreck.

So the snowplow man stayed on the road for like twenty minutes, and made our way that far. I just prayed the whole time, the snow and ice was just getting worse. I just pray the whole time and just focus on Jesus, like God you are here with us. Protect this car and make a way where there seems to be no way. It was cool because my prayer changed into God thank you for getting us this far, I pray that you will just be with us. We just want you. So we keep going and God protected us! It was cool also to see Sashe and Maria just working together. They never got upset about anything, and they just worked together through the whole time. We got almost to the border, and we could not go any further. We parked the car somewhere same, and got out of the car, and started walking with our luggage to the border.

After walking for like fifteen minutes, a snow plow came through. After that a van came by, and Sashe waved him down. Sashe explained to him what had happened, and the guy said yes I will take them to the boarder. It was like 20 more minutes driving. We would not have made it walking. I call him the Bulgarian Angel. He took us to the boarder. When we got to the border, the guy was like what are you guys doing here in Skopje? We told him we were working with the church there in Skopje. We told him we help feed kids and a lot of other things. So he was like, so are you Orthodox. We were like no. We are full gospel, and he was like so do you do all that !@$%!@. We weren’t sure if he meant a part of a cult, but we were like no. So he was like are you sure someone will be there when you get to the boarder, and we were like yes. He was like if not, I’m going to Sophia and I can take you if you would like. We got to the boarder patrol and guard was like are you friends with this guy. We were like we are now. Our car got stuck in the snow on the way to the border, and he came by and picked us up. The border patrol let us through, and did not even ask us about the time period we had been in Macedonia. However, the border patrol did make sure that we were ok and we really wanted to go over the border with the Bulgarian Angel.

When we arrived at the other side of the border, the taxi that Sashe and Maria had prepared for us to take was ready to go with his SUV. We drove for like two hours, by God’s grace on snow and ice, pretty fast for those conditions, and made it to the airport. Just in time to run and get on the airplane. Totally the Lord we made it through all the weather conditions. Our faith is defiantly stronger! God made many ways where there seems to be no way. He protected us. I was kind of reminded of like you know Paul and all his shipwrecks that he went through (I defiantly am not comparing what we went through to shipwrecks, just pointing out the obstacles in his life). Like just because he loved Jesus, did not mean that nothing bad ever happened to him. However, he made it through every time, where he was supposed to be. I also met a lady from I think Istanbul, and

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (look up verse). If you ever wonder if your prayers makes a difference, let me just assure you that all your prayers made a difference! Due to the guard making sure we were safe with the Bulgarian angel, they did not even look at how long we had been in the country for. We arrive in Virginia and Sarah B. and Kim Bonner picket us up from the airport.

Thanks you guys so much for your prayers! They really made a difference. On Monday we went to New York with Bethany’s parents, and we received our stamp. Just be praying that Bethany will get her criminal record reports will come by April 6th. I relieved mine the other day. Also, pray that God will provide all our needs!