Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Week

Hey everyone! This past week we have had people coming in. It has been good. Last weekend we had a conference on Maturity, and Stojan Gajicki was here to teach on it. It was so cool that they picked this theme a year ago, before all that has happened here. It was such a timely word for Greece, and our church. Now is the time we have to walk in Maturity in the world, in our families, and in the church. There are so many things going on right now, and our reaction to them can affect how others see us, God, and the circumstances we are in. It was cool to hear him talk about if a brother does something to you to go that brother. It was such a good word for here. Especially now! People need friends and family there is no room today to push someone away because there is an offense a friend. We have to show each other mercy! It was cool people came from the Michaniona group, and from Mike’s church. It was good all everyone together! This weekend we will have Ellie, Beverly and Margie doing a seminar Friday and Saturday at Mike Long’s church about Prayer and Prophecy. Please be please be praying for this! Last night Ellie did a presentation on “What art sells and what does not sell.” It was very good. People came, and they really enjoyed it. One guy brought his stuff, and she gave him advice on it! It was amazing! I was actually interested, even though I am not an artist. It was cool to hear her and her family’s stories of her journey through selling art. God just blessing them every step of the way, and just the God would use her art to touch the life of others believers and non believers! She just had really cool testimonies about paintings she had done. There was this one of the Tree of Life and this couple who are Christians bought it. The lady told her people would come over to her house and cry when they say it. The lady asked Eli why and Eli told her. Here is her and her husband’s webpage I of course love the dance ones! It is cool to meet people who are so using what they got to love God and reach others! I love it!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Today I went with Jana to the gypsies to start the kindergarten up again. There was about ten of them. We went over the colors red, yellow, and green with them. They all tried to figure what was red, green and yellow with cards. Then we played with them some games about washing hands, brushing teeth, and washing their bodies. They did well. By the end, they were ready to go play. It was so funny, because there was a girl who could not sit still who kept moving around and asking Jana a lot of questions, but when we went to leave she had a group of kids around her. She was acting like she was their teacher. It was funny!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Missions School in the Spring

Hey Everyone! Check out the mission’s school for the spring. Here is the link. It will be here in Thessaloniki.

Germany and the 24/7 Prayer Europe Meeting!

Hey everyone! We are back from Germany! It was an adventure all around! We left and drove to Germany. It was good just a good trip. It took a while to get there, but there was so much to see on the way there. It seemed like all the little towns we stopped at were just so beautiful! It was such a beautiful and different part of Europe I had never seen before. It was just so lovely. Even this random place where we stopped for lunch was like a little café, and it has amazing wood details all on the inside of it. It was cool trying Austrian and German food too. The people were so sweet, and they were so helpful whenever you asked for directions and stuff.
We got to the conference, and we had a day to go around and look at Frankfurt. It was cool finding new stuff and looking around. It was interesting and different. The conference start the next day, and it was cool to see people from all over Europe on fire for Jesus! There were people from all over. From students, to teachers, to missionaries, to business people, there were all types of people there for three things. Those three things were Jesus, Europe, and prayer. It was amazing, and encouraging. Some people were fighting to help stop the human trafficking. Some people were living in communities to change the area they live in. It was good. The teachings were encouraging. People shared what was going on in their areas. They talked about Ireland. It was amazing to hear what God had done there in the past year. They said things had changed from everything from the area the people lived in to government that the queen had come for the first time in so many years! I spent time that night with three girls who lived there, and they said it really has been such a big change. I met a girl who worked in Turkey as a teacher and she was actually from Tennessee. It was cool meeting her; I told her we are neighbors. The first night they opened by having us all bow down and asking to hear from God. The place was an open room, and when everyone did it I could just feel two things. The power of what was in these people from all over Europe and just the gratefulness on God’s heart that we would just all bow and praise Him. Just the positioning of ourselves makes a difference and a statement sometimes.
I really enjoyed one of the outbreak sessions. This woman talked about the different kind of praying people do and how God created us. It was cool, I felt relieved after coming out of there. It was funny because I talked to people who were there, and they said the same thing too. She said it was like people going to the beach. There are sunbathers, snorkelers, ice-cream givers, and surfers. It was cool, because I am totally a sunbather. I sit and focus on who God is what He shows me, and I forget to pray about what is going on or things people need then you just feel guilty. She just went through what all they were, and then she was like embrace what you are, and yes be aware of what the challenges are about that. Like for me I have to intentionally remember to pray for people and stuff going on with others. Another breakout session I went to was about making a missions mind set. It was cool because in that the guy said that when you live somewhere, you will end up praying the same thing over again. Sometime I would think it is stupid to be praying the same thing like all the time, but it was encouraging to hear that yeah you are going to pray the same thing over again and again. He also said everyone has a stumbling journey. Which I thought was really interesting. You know I feel like we always teach that we are going to be blessed, but we never teach about hey sometimes we screw up and have to try again or something different. I really liked when he said that “Your calling shouldn’t be insignificant to anyone else’s.” Basically, don’t compare your calling or what God does in you, because it will be different then everyone else, but yours is just as important as everyone else’s calling.
Then there was a night was we prayed for all the countries and that was cool. They encouraged people to take sticks to pray for a country and to pray for another country. They also encouraged people to go places in Europe. People took big sticks if they felt like they were suppose to go somewhere, and people were so excited! It was cool the last night we prayed for people and I prayed with this girl and gave her a word. It was cool, because you could really see the peace of God just really fall on her afterwards. It was totally a cool Jesus moment. God was doing some good stuff in her. It was just a good time and encouraging hearing what God was doing in people all over Europe. The conference was called “Aufsthen,” which means to stand. The whole time it was really encouraging people to stand where God has them!
Then we left and went to Munich, and met up with Tommie’s oldest son and his family. It was cool. We took some time to walk around there too. It was good. It was so amazing to drive home too. We drove through Salzburg and through the Alps. I loved driving through the Alps it was just how I always dreamed it would be because it had snowed. It was cool! I am so grateful to have gone and met many different people all over Europe, and to see what God was doing in different places, and to see beautiful places in Europe. Thanks for all the prayers and support to make it possible.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What is new

Wow what to say! I don’t really know where to start. There is so much going on right now, in different areas. Well we are starting the new group for young people which I am really excited about! There is a couple who moved here from Kos who are in their thirties. Amy and I are going to do the home group with them. That is one thing.
We are leaving for Germany on Tuesday for a week or so. We are going for a 24/7 Prayer conference. I’m really excited, because I have never been to this one before. I’m excited to meet people all over Europe working with 24/7, and hearing what God is doing all over Europe! Please be praying for us, and we are going to be driving there so you can pray for that as well.
Tommie is doing a lot to get the school ready for March. They are going to announce it at the conference in Frankfurt. So you all can pray for that. That God will bring the students and the people to help. They have found a place to have it that is nice. Please be praying that it will all come together!
Also, I had a chance to go the gypses this week and it was really cool! I’m excited for spending time with them this year! Also, there was a miracle with them. The government kept coming and saying we will send them to school. Every year they would come and say this. Well, finally this year it happened. Please pray though for the teachers. Some teachers have already quit because of not wanting to teach them. Also, pray for transportation for them to school. Right now they have to take themselves. So pray for a bus or something. Whatever God wants to do. When I get back from Germany I will work with another lady with the younger ones for kindergarden and they will be more ready. It was so cute working with them the other day. One just gave me a hug and just did not want to let go. We were working with puzzles with the older kids. It was really cool, because one of them in Greek said, “Where is the number five. I see one, two, three, four… but where is the number five?” I showed it to her, and she was like oh I get it. It was such a honor to teacher her even just that. It was cool!
Thanks for all your love and prayer and support!