Friday, February 10, 2012

Good in the Community of Thessaloniki

Well Amy wrote about what I wanted to talk about, but what I think is if it is something good then I think it is worth repeating. We have had these two boys here from Germany and they have been hangout with us while we show them different organizations here in Greece that is doing good in for the community in Thessaloniki. And I really wanted to mention particularly Iheart. We went to Iheart and Toni the owner talked to them about their vision and starting it up. It is amazing in a time where there is a crisis in Greece the coffee shop is doing very well! And I really liked what Toni said, “We pray for God’s favor here, and it works.” It is a great place because they are blessing the community with jobs and a place of comfort. It is a good place to bring connections and make connections. All of our friends who we take there love it! They also help with A21 campaign by doing different fund raisers back in December they had a clothing sale. The proceeds went to A21. Toni and his family are doing an amazing job here! It is a blessing to have a place like Iheart in Greece!