Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Past week

On Wednesday we took a road trip to Skopje. Kim, Ben, Amy, Tiffany and I went. We had a good time. We met up with people. Amy did some teaching on the Father’s heart. It was really good. Tiffany got to meet my old roommates. It was good to see Bethany; she had just arrived there that week. It was really good to see Phil and Anna. Kim was able to take some pregnancy pictures for them. Kim did such a good job they look amazing! Phil was too precious to make us dinner one night. They both really have servant’s hearts! It was cool to catch up with them even though it was a short visit. It was cool to see Tina, Kiko, and Mihela that night.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan 24 2011

Today we went to campus and passed out coffee in the Engineering building. It was the perfect day today it because it was very cold. It was really an awesome experience talking and meeting new people. We are praying for open doors on campus. One person asked if we were going to be on campus frequently, and we said yes. They said that they would see us around. Each cup of coffee is making a difference, because through that we shook hands and had conversations. I know God is doing/going to do something big on this campus and I can’t wait. Please continue to pray for favor with people and relationships to be formed! It is cool my friend Tiffany is here from Florida and she really enjoyed going along with us. She was like I really like campus!
Yesterday I texted some girls we have been hanging out with and they texted back today and asked to hangout this weekend. It was cool that they asked to hangout. God is moving!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan 23 2011

I feel like so much has happened since we got back. Tiffany and I came in Tuesday night and we got caught up on some sleep. Thursday Kim, Ben, Amy, Tiffany and I went to campus and prayed on campus. It was cool because we got to meet some of the people that Kim, Amy, and Ben had met on Tuesday. I’m so excited because we are going to try and go every Tuesday to campus to do the coffee outreach. So please be praying especially on Tuesdays for campus. We are also pray for other ideas too for what God wants us to do there. Step by step He is leading us.
Thursday night we had an awesome home group Tonya and Steffen’s house. Jesus was doing some really cool things. They were talking about prayer. After Tonya spoke on it, we prayed. Then people were getting words left and right for each other. It was cool. I believe everyone left there encouraged. At the end they asked if anyone had words for the group, and this one lady shared that Europe basically would be rocked for Jesus by miracles. That some will believe, and some won’t. But God wants to do something and it has to do with country to country. It was definitely a cool word.
Then last night we had a bunch of people over for Jared and Brandon from Dwelling Place to speak about prophecy. Then they prophesied over people through Skype. It was really cool. Then we had some fun back here and did it over Kim and Ben. It was a lot of fun with friends. I think everyone left encouraged.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Seeing Family and My Grandparent's 50th Anniversary

Hey everyone! I have not dropped off the face of the planet! As many of you know I have been in Florida spending time with my family and friends down here. It has been such a blast to see everyone I have been able to see. I feel so privileged and blessed to have been able to see a lot of my family, and church family. The holidays were a blast. Christmas Eve we (Jew, Papa, Mama, Dad and the Olivers) were at United Methodist to Madison, Max, Mona, and John sing and play in their Christmas Eve service. It was really a lot of fun! I really enjoyed seeing them, and sing Christmas Carols with everyone! Then of course we went to Jew’s house for Christmas Eve. I really enjoyed spending time with everyone! Nana was a hoot! It was cool too because Jamie and Justine and Angie came. Jew had gotten them barking dogs and they just loved their toys soooooo much!!!! They were so ecstatic. It was cool to still have kids around! Then we had Christmas at my Mama’s house with the couples. It was a blessing to see everyone. Tristen and I went out and did some BB gun shooting. Just for fun. He was a hoot!
Today and the week before were really an exciting one. Today it was such an honor to celebrate my grandparent’s 50th Anniversary! It was such a pledge and an honor to be there and celebrate with them and our family. That is not something you do every day! Especially now with divorce at such a high rate. They had started planning last year about what to do. It was so much fun going through and getting ready for it. My grandmother asked if we could show her dress at the reception. So one night I went over and opened it to see if was still together. It was so cool to see her open it up. I of course got my camera and was like ohhh we have to take pictures of this. It was like looking at a piece of history. Not just any history our history. It was so cool to see her just get so excited looking at it.
I feel so blessed to have such awesome grandparents! They have really done so much for my family. They are just wow. They really have left a Legacy to live up to. One is 50 years. I know they have been through a lot, but they did not give up. Two is definitely they loved and would do anything for family. When I was in college, they would come and help my mom move me out of the dorms every year. They were at so many recitals, anytime any of us sang or dance or did anything they were there. Papa would take my brother and me out every Saturday to get an orange soda and peanuts when my brother and I were kids. Jew taught my brother by home school till he graduated. They would do anything for us. They just know how to die to their selves and love unconditionally. They even got me the plane ticket home to be able to be here for the anniversary. It is a good remodel to look up to. Three, which is how they made it through one and two, is the Lord. They definitely left behind a legacy of personal relationship with the Lord. They even were short term missionaries to the Guatemala and my grandpa went to the Philippines (they probably rubbed off on me a bit). The funny thing is they ask me where you got what you are doing from. Hahahaha. The fourth, I think friendship is something they have really captured too. They have three couple best friends, and a number of good friends. They just really enjoy their friends. Just other day though, we were cleaning Jew’s house and she was like you gotta keep good friends. They help you in many ways, one of them is it helps you to clean your house. They definitely are a couple to look up too. I pray that they will be blessed. I feel honored to be a part of their family and legacy here.
I like what our friend Larry said that going to this event was like getting ready for the ultimate wedding to Jesus. The time will have passed. Everyone will be there. It will be just so much fun!!! Anxiously awaiting!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hey guys!

I'm doing a fund raiser in Lady Lake, FL.

It is with Chick Fil-A in Lady Lake. Just come out around 5-8pm on Jan 13th if you are free. If you would like to come just e-mail so I can send you the paper to be printed off.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Road Trips

Hey everyone I haven’t written in a while. I have been in Florida since a week before Christmas. It has really been a blessing to see everyone here. My family is so excited too. It has been cool seeing old friends as well. I feel blessed to have friends and family all over the world. The other day I road trip with my grandparents and it was cool hearing them tell stories about their lives. They were so sweet. We are having their 50th Anniversary while I am here. It is cool to see a legacy they have left here and on our family!
I took another road trip with my friend Tiffany to meet my friends Matt and Jacki and their kids from college. It was really soooo good to see them. It was cool at the end Cadence and Thomas were getting fussy and each of them at a time would be like I want to sit in Daddy’s lap. Then they would sit there and stop crying and go back playing. Cadence did it once and Thomas did it once. It really made me think of God and us. There are sometimes where we just a frustrated and are not sure what to do. So we are like “Daddy I want to sit with you.” Of course our heavenly Father is like “Yeah!” Then we are ok we walk away with confidence doing whatever He has called us to do. Thanks Cadence and Thomas!