Monday, April 25, 2011


I love Easter in Greece! We had such a great time! We went and watched my Big Fat Greek Wedding on Saturday with everyone! It was so much fun! Liz and Nickola even came! It was fun! Then at 11:30pm we went to the Orthodox church in Mihanona. There were so many people there. The streets were full of people. It was crazy. We went inside the church to look, and there were so many people. There were flowers on the Icon stuff. It was cool to see! Then at midnight the priest came out, and everyone lit their candles from person to person. It was so amazing to see! You just look down the streets and see all these people with candles lit. It was beautiful. Then everyone gave each other kisses! I loved it! Then there were fireworks! It was awesome! Then everyone drove home with their candles lit.
The next day Costa’s did a lamb on the spit. It was so cool! The pictures are on Facebook. There were so many people! It was awesome! It was amazing because our friend Alex and her family came. It was really good, because they really connected! It was so a God thing! We enjoyed them, and they enjoyed us! Her dad even helped with cooking the lamb! He had a restaurant for 15 years before. It was totally a God thing meeting them! People got connected! It was just an amazing day all over! It was awesome!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Trip

The other day we went to Thasos to see the church there. We took about 15 people from Thessaloniki to there. It was a good time of spending time getting to know people for me. Liz and a lady named Alexandra road in the car I was in. It was cool getting to know them more. That night Rick spoke on the Holy Spirit. It was awesome because I had prayed that Liz would be baptized in the Spirit before we went on the trip. So when Rick talked about the Holy Spirit it was such a good opportunity. When we went to pray for people I asked her if she wanted to pray for what Rick talked about and she said yes. So it was so God and cool! We got to see the people from the church there! It was really good!
It was a good trip! We also found a really cool beach. It was good to see Danielle from Serbia. We walked up to a small village near the hotel and it was so beautiful. It was a place where they watched for Pirates coming in. It was a really cool view.
Quick Rev
I was reading in John and in Chapter 14 Jesus says in verse three “’And you know the way where I am going.’ Vs. 5 Thomas said to Him, ‘Lord, we do not know where You are going, how do we know the way?’ vs 6 Jesus said to him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.’”
This passage really spoke to me this week when I read it! First I love how Jesus is so confident in His answer! He doesn’t say oh you need to learn the way or one day you will figure out the way. No, He said “You know the way!” Second, we always talk about a “relationship” with Jesus. It just also shows Jesus’ teaching style of He lived it then He taught it! He showed them a relationship with Him, and then He explains to them through this relationship they had the “how” to get to the Father! They already “knew the way” because they knew Him! I love it also in John 10:14 Jesus says “I am the good shepherd, and I know My own and My own know Me.” I know we always say this, but it is not about doing whatever, but about knowing Him, and in that is everything! That is what He was trying to teach the disciples and us today!

Friday, April 15, 2011


This past week we went to Beirut, Lebanon. It was really an interesting trip. There was a conference scheduled between Syria and Lebanon, but with everything going on in Syria there was a thought to cancel it, because the boarders were closed. So we were all coming from all over to go to this conference and help out. The consisted of our team from Thessaloniki, people from America, a group from England and a guy from Germany who were coming. We all felt like we were supposed to go. So we went. We got there and it really was an interesting place.
They said in the past it was a known place of war, but right now it is the calmest place in the Middle East. We arrive to do the conference and there are more of us then them. It was cool though, I really connect with two sisters. One led worship and one played the drums. The one who played the drums was just soooo good at it. I told her that and she said, “Oh yes, it is a gift from God.” It really was such a joy to get to know them. I also got to know the daughter of the pastor there really well, and they were awesome! They were so sweet.
It was crazy the first day went and prayed in the middle of the city. There was a statue there that stood for freedom, and it had all these bullet holes in it. The city is actually divided into Muslims and Christians. It was interesting. We went and prayed were the divided line is. It was cool. The next day we had another meeting. It was good. I think it was important to be with them even though there wasn’t that many of them. We had another meeting the next day and God really started to move. I even got messed up. That night a group of Syrians crossed the border and came. It was cool to meet some of them, and to hear their stories. It was good! The next day we prayed for the churches together. It was huge. That night God did a lot in people’s lives. It was cool to be a part of it and be there. I really felt blessed to be there. We spent the next day with everyone, and ate together and saw a few sights together. It was really neat getting to know the people there.
It is really interesting for a city that has seen so many wars. You can tell on the people that they just have been through a lot and that life has not been easy. The down town they have really refurbished it. Ben and I found a book shop. The lady in the shop showed us a book of what Beirut looked like then and know. It is crazy the difference.
On Sunday we had a chance to attend a church service with the Philippine women who work as house maids there. It was really a blessing to meet them. They go through so much! They live there so that they can work and send money home. Well they also are not always treated very well. They are not always paid. They are not always given the days off they deserve. They are away from their family for so long. It is really an in just situation.
It was really a privilege to meet the people over there! I really thank God for it and Tommie for making to it happen!!! God is really doing something there!
Oh yeah and on Sunday it was my birthday! It was really such a blessing to be there for my birthday and see what God is doing there. They had a cake and they put fireworks on it. It was cool!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Our friend Eva needed surgery for her stomach. The doctors were going in to cut off a piece of her intestine. She has been in a lot of pain for a while. Like about ten years. We have been praying for her this year because she had been in and out of the hospital for pain in her stomach. She went yesterday to have the surgery. The doctors opened her up and saw that they did not need to remove the piece they thought they did, and they made the area larger. The doctor said she is not going to have any problems after this. Jesus seriously did a miracle!!!!!!!!!! She is now recovering. Thanks for all the prayers!