Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The gypsies have been going well. We have been going every week Jana goes three times a week, and I go two times a week. We are really seeing so much improvement in them. They are getting really well with the colors. They are getting really well with knowing the fruits and animals. This morning we had carpet time for the first time. This is a miracle in it self. When I first started coming, we spent half the time trying to get them to sit much less teach them anything. And now, we are having carpet time! They are also doing listening exercises where we act out the things we hear. They are learning so much! They absolutely loved it! You can really see they are learning so much. They love playing with play dough. We do puzzles with them. At first they didn't know what to do with them, but now they are pros! You can tell that they treat each other better too. They have really started to show love and affection more to us and each other! God is really moving there! Jana has done such a great job! I have been doing little dances with them, and they love it! Please pray though they all have running noses and bad coughs! I', so proud of them! There is this little one named Nickoleta, and when she sees me she runs and gives me a hug! These kids will be so much more advanced then their older siblings!


  1. I love Nikoleta! Rock on Jenn, Yana, and Jesus! Blessings on you guys and may the Lord continue to give the increase!

  2. Love those kids... and you too!!!