Sunday, November 6, 2011

Coming Back For His Bride!

So tonight before church we went to Starbucks. Right next to Starbucks is a church. It was so amazing because we were having coffee, and I look over and they were getting ready for a wedding. People were gathering and anxiously awaiting! There were people all dressed up waiting, and there were also complete strangers standing around waiting to see the bride come to meet the groom at the church. There were even some druggies hanging out there that stopped to just take part and to see the bride. I thought that is was so amazing. Eventually the bride came in the car, and drove up and got out to meet the groom. Everyone just gasped. They were just so excited. From people who knew the couple to people who were complete strangers. Everyone was affected by the bride coming to meet the groom. It was amazing! This totally made me think of Jesus coming back for His Bride (us). It made me especially think that you know everyone will be affected when He comes back for us!

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