Sunday, December 12, 2010

Exciting News!

God did a really cool miracle here with two of my good friends! A couple friend of mine from Macedonia, Victor and Pina, wanted to have kids. Pina was told by the doctors that there was something wrong. Well they didn’t give up. We continued to pray with them. When I came the second year to Macedonia our friend Jacob gave them a word from the Lord that they would have a child. So they fought through all this time. It was cool to be able to stand and pray with them about it. God definitely moved and now they are pregnant! It is just soooo cool! She put up on facebook 1Sam 1:11-17. It is encouraging too, because it just reminds us not to give up when God speaks to us about something. To keep our eyes on Him, and believe! This really made my week, I hope it makes yours.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Week Filled with Awesomeness

Well this week has definitely been packed with awesomeness! Kim Bonner and Ben Bradford have joined the crew from Dwelling Place over here! They are here in Greece. They got here last Sunday. It is so good and exciting to have them here! We went to Skopje this week and hung out with Danielle, John, and Bethany. It was really cool. It was a good time of just spending time together. God did cool things too. One day we were going to Velles with Bethany, this lady started prophesying over all of us. She was like you guys are a group of people who love each other. You are going to fly. You are going to have your own plane and fly. It was really cool. She was an older lady too; it was just really unusual to meet a Macedonian older lady who would prophesy. We were like maybe she was an angle. We were going to leave the next day, but I forgot my phone at the house. It was cool because that night we came back, and ate together and just prayed over each other and worshiped. It was really cool.
We got back to Greece last night in time for a worship outreach thing we did at Kamara. There were a lot of people out, and we just started worshiping at the Arch there. Then we walked down the street and prayed in an area where there are a lot of drug users. Femi really felt like this is a place to take back. It was really cool to hear, because Amy and I had discussed this before.