Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Update and Going Back

Hey everyone! Well Saturday is the big day! I can’t believe it is here! It has been an honor a privilege to have been able to be in America for the past three months. It has been good. There have been ups and there have been downs, but God is faithful. I had a chance to go to Florida and work for a daycare for two and a half months. It was a blessing to be with my friends and family down there. It was a good time of reconnecting with family. It was cool! I wasn’t sure what God was bringing me there for, but I knew I was supposed to go. I first went to the daycare that my friend Tiffany worked for in June. I was able to work there from June until the Middle of Aug. It was such a blessing to work with kids there, and the teachers there. I really learned a lot from the teachers because they were Pre-K teachers so they really knew how to organize and run a classroom. We really helped out with the field trips. It was so cool!
When I finished, I came to Virginia. It has been amazing and awesome to be around here. First there was a conference where Chris and Nancy came from Oklahoma. There was also Jim and Mimis here from South Carolina. It was really good they shared each of their revelation about the prophetic. It was really good and encouraging. Chris had a forum about the prophetic. Someone brought up healing, and the Lord did a thing in me about healing. We prayed for anyone who had prayed for someone to be healed, and they were not. That helped a lot, and I felt freedom when they prayed over us in that. It was cool.
It has really been good to meet up and catch up with old friends. It was good to make some new ones! It has really been so encouraging! I really feel so blessed to have family all over the world. It was good to hear what God is doing in people’s lives here. It was amazing to hold friend’s children that were born while I was gone.
Seriously big thanks to everyone who made that happen! Thanks DP and Grace Tab! Especially thanks to my parents and grandparents for helping me so much when I was at their place.
So Saturday is the day. I am flying from Washington D. C. I’m really am excited what God is going to be doing this year. I’m excited to see what this year will be like. I’m praying that the Lord will open the doors on the campus. There are some many people there who are just searching for something more, and just long for relationships. There are also people who are just so passionate to be involved in something, and they just get involved in unhealthy stuff and support that. You just know they need Jesus and that is really what they are looking for. I know we will continue to meet to pray for Greece and the other nations five days a week together. Prayer does make a difference there! We will continue to go around and travel where God is building relationships. In November, we will take a trip around to Germany to meet up with all the 24/7 Prayer crew. I’m really excited about meeting all the different people from 24/7 around Europe. I’m really excited to see what God is going to do in the different relationships that I already have. Like the two girls we met last year. I do believe the Lord is also going to do so many new and different things that I don’t even know of yet. I heard this today when I was praying about it. So I’m excited that God is like listen and hear and write it down. Hab. 2:2 “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run.”I really like that, “The one who reads it may run!” Just part of the fun walk in faith! I’m just walking in this to know Him more, and to love others! That is my heart!
Right now financially I’m at $1,700. With a totally of $75 a month in monthly supports. The budget I have is $700 a month. Please be praying for this!
I cannot say thank you enough for all of you who pray and give! It really makes a difference in my life and the lives of the people I’m involved with! Thank you! Thank you!
Points of Prayer
To hear what God is doing in Greece and the Balkan area we are in for this year. That the Lord will open up doors in and outside the church. That the joy of the Lord will be my strength. That the Lord will just direct my footsteps wherever I go personally, and as a team. Just to know Him more and love people there more! Just to see more people come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior there! More mercy and grace in this season. Finances. For wisdom and revelation!