Friday, September 17, 2010

Beginnings in Greece

Hey everyone! I know it has been a little while! I just wanted to let you know what the Lord has been doing. I am really excited! Summer was really good! So I moved to Thessaloniki about three weeks ago. Everything happened so fast. We looked for an apartment and found one the next day. It is amazing! I can’t wait for people to come and visit it. I have really enjoyed the church here! They really are like a family! Everyone is just so sweet and so helpful!
Last week Tommie and Tannie and I went to Thasos to visit a couple we had met at the Balkan Connect Conference. It was really cool getting to know them more. I really enjoyed spending time with them and the pastor they are working with there. And they had a cat that was just so cute. It was a kitten still and it played 24/7. It was just cool to see what God is doing there with them! They are both such visionaries! They look at buildings and see what they can do with it! It was exciting seeing them casts their visions for that place! It was really inspiring.
Danielle and Amy came last week. It was just good spending time with them! We went to Bogdanci the other night where Glasnost was having an outreach. It was really good to see everyone. Danielle and I got to spend some good time with Bethany (AKA Betty)! We went to Skopje to take Danielle back, and spent some time with some friends. We sent her off and ran by to see Bilijana at her new office.
I am really excited to see what God is going to do this year! We are starting to pray daily together here. Now Amy and Tommie are in Scotland for the 24/7 Prayer Conference. Monday when we prayed it was cool! Just felt like God is doing something here with community. It is cool just getting to know people here, and just meeting new people here. God is bringing people here from all different places! It is really cool! I’m excited!
God has really been showing me a lot about the woman washing Jesus’ feet with her hair. Like the fact that Jesus could have stopped the people putting her down at any moment, but He didn’t. And the fact that she was not sure what to do, but she chose the right thing over everyone else in the room. It is really neat to think about.
Thanks you guys for all your support and love!