Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big Faith Adventure

Thank you so much for all your prayers! They really made a different! I don’t think we knew what we were getting into, however God did! We left Skopje at ten at night. Sashe and Maria took us in their car. Sashe said that his car was not really prepared for snow, but they could not find another car or someone else to take us. He had summer tires on his car which would not be good for snow (it was not suppose to be snowing). Well, we started going and we went through a toll booth, and a lady gave us too much money back, because Sashe was talking to her and encouraging her. So we went back and gave her back the money. We started going down the road and after an hour into our trip we see lights flashing. At that moment, we hit ice and start to lose control. Well, then I just start praying “In the name of Jesus, protect us God! I pray that no weapon formed against us shall prosper.” Well, we stop right before the car, and Sashe said “Amen.” There was a wreck that had happened because of the ice and snow on the roads. Well we wait like an hour and a half we wait for them to clear the wreck. Behind us waiting in line was a snowplow man. We called the taxi who was going to pick us up at the border, could not come and meet us near the wreck because he didn’t have a green card for the taxi. So, we went on after the wreck.

So the snowplow man stayed on the road for like twenty minutes, and made our way that far. I just prayed the whole time, the snow and ice was just getting worse. I just pray the whole time and just focus on Jesus, like God you are here with us. Protect this car and make a way where there seems to be no way. It was cool because my prayer changed into God thank you for getting us this far, I pray that you will just be with us. We just want you. So we keep going and God protected us! It was cool also to see Sashe and Maria just working together. They never got upset about anything, and they just worked together through the whole time. We got almost to the border, and we could not go any further. We parked the car somewhere same, and got out of the car, and started walking with our luggage to the border.

After walking for like fifteen minutes, a snow plow came through. After that a van came by, and Sashe waved him down. Sashe explained to him what had happened, and the guy said yes I will take them to the boarder. It was like 20 more minutes driving. We would not have made it walking. I call him the Bulgarian Angel. He took us to the boarder. When we got to the border, the guy was like what are you guys doing here in Skopje? We told him we were working with the church there in Skopje. We told him we help feed kids and a lot of other things. So he was like, so are you Orthodox. We were like no. We are full gospel, and he was like so do you do all that !@$%!@. We weren’t sure if he meant a part of a cult, but we were like no. So he was like are you sure someone will be there when you get to the boarder, and we were like yes. He was like if not, I’m going to Sophia and I can take you if you would like. We got to the boarder patrol and guard was like are you friends with this guy. We were like we are now. Our car got stuck in the snow on the way to the border, and he came by and picked us up. The border patrol let us through, and did not even ask us about the time period we had been in Macedonia. However, the border patrol did make sure that we were ok and we really wanted to go over the border with the Bulgarian Angel.

When we arrived at the other side of the border, the taxi that Sashe and Maria had prepared for us to take was ready to go with his SUV. We drove for like two hours, by God’s grace on snow and ice, pretty fast for those conditions, and made it to the airport. Just in time to run and get on the airplane. Totally the Lord we made it through all the weather conditions. Our faith is defiantly stronger! God made many ways where there seems to be no way. He protected us. I was kind of reminded of like you know Paul and all his shipwrecks that he went through (I defiantly am not comparing what we went through to shipwrecks, just pointing out the obstacles in his life). Like just because he loved Jesus, did not mean that nothing bad ever happened to him. However, he made it through every time, where he was supposed to be. I also met a lady from I think Istanbul, and

The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (look up verse). If you ever wonder if your prayers makes a difference, let me just assure you that all your prayers made a difference! Due to the guard making sure we were safe with the Bulgarian angel, they did not even look at how long we had been in the country for. We arrive in Virginia and Sarah B. and Kim Bonner picket us up from the airport.

Thanks you guys so much for your prayers! They really made a difference. On Monday we went to New York with Bethany’s parents, and we received our stamp. Just be praying that Bethany will get her criminal record reports will come by April 6th. I relieved mine the other day. Also, pray that God will provide all our needs!